Na RBPI 1/2014 – Towards an uncertain future? The strengthening of Japan’s autonomy in Asia-Pacific

Recently, Japan has been increasing tensions with China regarding the Pinnacle Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Due to the Chinese military development, Japan has been working on its political and military strengthening in Asia. This essay presents two possible scenarios for Japan. Leia o artigo: MIYAMOTO, Shiguenoli  and  WATANABE, Paulo Daniel. Towards an uncertain future? The strengthening of […]

Na RBPI 1/2014 – A harder edge: reframing Brazil’s power relation with Africa

Brazil’s rapprochement with Africa during the last decade has been mostly explained as an attempt to improve political dialogue, raise economic interactions, and provide technical cooperation assistance. This article, however, argues that such framework does not sufficiently account for the use of Brazilian material resources in order to attain harder strategic goals towards the continent. […]

Na RBPI 1/2014 – O Brasil e a cooperação em defesa: a construção de uma identidade regional no Atlântico Sul

This article analyzes the cooperation that Brazil has been developing across the South Atlantic, showing that Brazil has adopted the role of region-builder, working to construct a South Atlantic identity while it secures for itself a position of preeminence. Such efforts begin to be contested by other actors from within and outside the region. Leia […]

Na RBPI 1/2014 – Considerations about the recommendations of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf on the Amazon fan

In 2004, Brazil submitted to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) a Submission for the outer limit of the Brazilian continental shelf for its extension beyond the limits of 200 nautical miles. In 2007, the CLCS presented its recommendations, however it did not recommend four areas proposed by Brazil, the Amazon […]

Na RBPI 1/2014 – From Tegucigalpa to Teheran: Brazil’s diplomacy as an emerging Western country

This paper reviews Brazil’s pursuit for international insertion by: discussing its search for new partners; presenting an overview of the historical, cultural, and political features that render it the most Western of the emerging nations; and analyzing its participation in the management of two major international crises, the Honduran constitutional crisis and the Iranian nuclear […]

Na RBPI 1/2014 – As medidas de confiança no Conselho de Defesa Sul-americano (CDS): análise dos gastos em Defesa (2009-2012)

We analyze the combined methodology developed by the South-American Defense Council (SDC) for assessing Defense expenditures. We examine its backgrounds, its limitations, its innovations and the profile of Defense budget expenditure. In this region, up to 60% of total Defense budget was allocated to personnel and their social security payroll; on the other hand, research […]

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